Running with the ‘Devel’ at Canadian International Auto Show

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Devel Motors Devel Sixteen

Dubai’s Devel Motors’ jaw-dropping 5,000+ HP car will make its North American debut at upcoming auto show. 

Dubai-based automaker Devel Motors is set to unveil its 5,007 hp car at the upcoming Canadian International Auto Show, which is set for February 15 to 24. Yes, you read that correctly: 5,007 horsepower. The hypercar, named the “Devel Sixteen,” has only been shown overseas. But now it is headed to Toronto to get hearts in North America pumping.

The Devel Sixteen will be a featured attraction at the Auto Show’s “Auto Exotica” collection, alongside other amazing rides by McLaren, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, and others. In addition to the show, Devel Motors co-founder and car developer Majid Al Attar will be in attendance as a featured speaker for the “Luxury and Supercar Forum,” a special pre-auto show event held on February 13, two days ahead of the Canadian International Auto Show’s opening.

Devel Motors Devel Sixteen

“The Devel Sixteen is catching eyes around the world, including those of Toronto’s hip hop megastar Drake,” says Al Attar. “We are looking forward to bringing the Devel Sixteen to Toronto as we get ready to put the car into production later this year.” As we know, Drake is a huge fan of top notch supercars, and has even featured a Ferrari at this concerts.

Devel Motors Devel Sixteen

The top-end Devel Sixteen features a V16 engine. Other Sixteen’s will include a V8 model, and a mid-level V16 that hits about 3,000 horsepower.

Devel Motors is the vision of three brothers from Dubai who set out to create a powerful and sexy whip inspired by a jet fighter. Mission accomplished!

“We were working to have the world’s most powerful production car,” Al Attar said. “There wasn’t a V8 that could give us the power we wanted to produce, so we started working to create our own engine.”

Devel Motors Devel Sixteen

If you’d like to check out this incredible hypercar, Canadian International Auto Show will be running from February 15 to 24.

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