A Close Look at Ferrari’s 599 GTO

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Among Many Other Fine Attributes, the Ferrari 599 GTO Has an Intoxicating Sound

First introduced in 2011, the Ferrari 599 GTO combines seductive looks, a 661-horsepower V12, and rear-wheel drive in a fitting homage to Enzo’s iconic 1960s’ Le Mans racers. Somehow, despite its attractive combination of performance and historical relevance, the public eye never seized on this limited-production supercar.

Nevertheless, in the short time since its birth, the GTO has sneakily increased in value — today, a clean example will run you upwards of $700k.

Earning the GTO Name

As exotic car dealer Carl Hartley notes in the video review above, the 599’s name makes us wonder: “Does it live up to the title?” According to Hartley — who calls it a “grand-touring version of the Enzo” — the answer is clearly “yes.”

599 GTO

Reason being, the GTO has the unique honor of sharing a power plant with the hypercar bearing the Ferrari patriarch’s name. Unlike the Enzo, though, the GTO is a liveable car, enjoyable on highways and backroads. The example in the video features a track-ready Alcantara interior, telemetry kit, and racing harnesses. And it’s more than happy to do double-duty at the track.

Why It’s the Right Ferrari to Buy

The two 599s available at Hartley’s dealership come from an exclusive stock. Only 60 right-hand-drive GTOs were ever made. While they’ve appreciated — as limited-run Ferraris tend to do — you can still get one for about 60% of the price of a 599 Aperta, the GTO’s super-rare, targa-topped cousin. Just be ready to spend some money on parts. The headlights alone are $5,000, if you want two of them. That’s five times more than a decent upgrade on a Porsche 911.

Alternatively, you could pick up Ferrari’s well-loved 458 Special, but you’ll sacrifice exclusivity, and that superb 12-cylinder engine.

“You Feel a Part of the Car”

There’s no denying that most of the three-quarters of a million dollars you’ll spend on a 599 GTO goes into its limited-production V12. Hartley’s verdict is largely motivated by the intoxicating sound that engine makes, and the tactile connection the car offers. And that’s just some of what makes it so very special.

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