Cheap BMW i8 Found on Craigslist in Nashville, Needs Some TLC

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BMW i Burned (4)

What if I told you that you could possess your very own BMW i8 hybrid supercar for the low, low price of just $13,000? Well guess what, it is completely true! Right now on Craigslist in Nashville, there is a 2015 BMW i8 with just 3,200 miles on the clock, ready and waiting for you to open your pocketbook.

The only real problem is that it has been mostly burned to the ground and is only questionably salvageable.

According to the ad, the majority of the rear of the car is still good. That includes rear motor, transmission, wheels, subframe doors and brakes, and the battery. The ad even claims the full-carbon tub is undamaged, but I would be worried about the excessive heat softening the resin, and potentially weakening the structure.

I contacted the poster to ask about the fire, and he said it is the result of a short in the driver’s side headlight wiring. That’s the corner of the car that appears to be damaged the most, but it’s astounding how wiring supplying the juice to relatively low-wattage LED lights would cause such a disastrous conflagration. Of course, anything is possible.

If you’re only interested in the greasy bits, the motor and transmission are listed alone for $9,000 for the pair, but I’m sure you could talk that down a bit. If so, hit the link and enjoy.

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