Buy This Old Race Track for Your Own Private Hooning

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Haven’t you always wanted to run a fleet of sports cars at your own dirt track?

The Montgomery Motorsports Park, a 3/8-mile dirt oval track in Florence, Missouri, has recently been posted for sale on with a price tag just under a half-million dollars. Being that the track is fully operational with grandstands, concessions, offices, and a souvenir stand all located on a 36 acre property, that price doesn’t seem too bad at all. The facility itself was built in 2001, and renovated in 2012, meaning it’s probably due for another one. While it’s unlikely that the track is profitable, we’ve got a plan to turn that around. Just bear with us.

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Step one in the turnaround plan is to purchase a small fleet (say six?) of used, high-end sports car, one-make series racers. What little we know about Florence, Missouri is what we can guess, but we’d wager that there are very few Ferrari, Lamborghini, or Porsche cars floating around the area. If you were to buy a handful of Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo, Porsche GT3 Cup, or Ferrari Challenge 348/430/458, you could probably attract some full-capacity crowds. Buying spec-series cars from a generation ago is infinitely less expensive than running current-spec cars, as you can buy whole kits of parts for comparatively little.

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With each of these cars set up for only turning left and going fast, you could host a bi-weekly arrive-and-drive racing series for wealthy drivers looking for a fun weekend of racing without much pressure. As soon as you announce your very first event, the world would be alight with buzz about it, and you’d be selling tickets like hotcakes to locals who want to see their dream cars battle it out. With a proper video crew, we’d wager folks all over the world would want to watch this kind of racing run.

Quick, someone alert Tax the Rich.

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