Best Vending Machine Ever Dispenses Luxury Cars

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The 15-story Autobahn Motors Building in Singapore presents 60 luxury cars in a truly unique way.

At most luxury car dealerships around the world, a customer goes and looks at cars spread out over a showroom or parking lot. You then get to look over them and decide which is the one you want to purchase. At the Autobahn Motors Building in Singapore, it’s a little different. Well, actually it’s very different.

car vending machine

According to Reuters, a customer goes to the first floor of the AMB and uses a touchscreen to scan the 60 cars of various makes and models. Once they’ve chosen the car they wish to view, the building acts as a giant vending machine and the car travels through the center of the building until it’s presented right before the customer’s eyes. Imagine looking at a candy machine, pressing A24, then the machine spits out your Snickers. It’s just like that, but with really expensive collectible cars.

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From the outside, it almost looks like the world’s largest Matchbox toy car set, with all 60 cars illuminated over four different columns. This innovative design is a product of necessity. In Singapore, building space is at a premium, so there’s no way to have a traditional auto dealership. Therefore, the company built an elevator system that allows for it to work like a large-scale vending machine. This allows for Autobahn Motors to have a full showroom of vehicles in a much smaller space than usual.

The technology is also a proof-of-concept that is attracting other businesses. The general manager of the Singapore business says he’s been approached by parking lot businesses hoping to use the technology to make space-saving parking garages. The building in Singapore isn’t the first of its kind. Carvana is a U.S.-based company that has recently built an 8-story “vending machine” building in San Antonio, Texas that is similar to the AMB.

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