Porsche 911 Turbo S Gets Matt Farah Track Test

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TopSpeed Motorsports Elite.3 Porsche 991.1 with more than 700 hp delivers some seriously fast laps. 

Road Atlanta is a punishing track to test a car you’ve never driven before, especially one with over 700 horsepower in a turbocharged rear-engine tuner car monster, but Matt Farah sure gives it a go in this fresh episode of “One Take” on The Smoking Tire. Throw Matt in any car and he’ll give it his best shot at the track, he’s nearly as fast as Justin Bell, just ask him about it.

Topspeed Motorsports Elite.3 Porsche 911 Turbo S

This video was filmed during #GridLife South, which is a 3-day music and motorsport festival hosted at Road Atlanta. When Matt isn’t busy announcing from the booth overlooking the final corner and main straight, he was in a series of increasingly interesting cars to film these episodes.

This particular 991.1 Turbo S has been treated to TopSpeed Motorsports‘ Elite.3 package, which includes a nice horsepower bump, suspension upgrades, and a very cool set of five-spoke centerlock wheels mounted with sticky tires.

While TopSpeed is usually most well known for their Nissan GT-R work, they’re somewhat familiar with Porsches as well, having built a very fast 996 GT2 for Leh Keen’s One Lap Of America winning effort in 2010, among many others. The 991.1 Turbo S platform is much more complex, but they’ve managed to work out the kinks and deliver serious track-worthy power to all four wheels.

While Matt has driven basically every car known to man, including most Porsches, he was obviously quite happy to have this level of performance under his right foot. While he doesn’t quite turn the same kind of lap times as the owner of the car says it’s capable of, Matt is also talking to the camera, negotiating traffic, and getting to grips with a freshly built turbo car. Check out the video to see how much he loved driving a leather-clad, air-conditioned, all-wheel drive, super Porsche on track, chasing some of the fastest time attack racers at the track. You won’t regret it, it’s a very fun ten minutes.

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