2018 Chevrolet Nationals Full of Badass Cars, Tire-Smoking Action

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If you’re a die-hard Bowtie fan who also loves endless action, you’re gonna love Carlisle Events’ Chevrolet Nationals.

Every June, Carlisle Events’ Chevrolet Nationals brings thousands of spectators and hundreds of incredible machines to the fairgrounds of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. But even though this event is consistently great, 2018 proved to be a little extra special. This is, after all, a special year for the Bow Tie. It marks 50 years of the LS engine, 100 years of Chevy trucks, and 60 years of the Impala. So, you know Carlisle was going to do it up extra big this year. And they most certainly did.

If you weren’t lucky enough to be in attendance this year, this recap video does a nice job of documenting the highlights. Which includes, of course, breathtaking 100-point restorations representing pretty much every notable GM muscle car ever produced. Not to mention some amazing custom creations, many of them packing enough power to decimate their massive rear rubber with ease.

Trans Am - Chevrolet Nationals

And despite the rather dreary weather, that’s exactly what they did. There was an autocross course for drivers to test out the limits of their machines. Which everything from a modified Malibu to 5th gen Firebirds to (gasp!) a hot rod Beretta. Then it was time to hit the dyno, where we spotted some seriously nasty Camaros putting down big power. Heck, there was even a sputtering, fire-breather top fueler in the house if you prefer your horsepower in the four figure range.

Chevrolet Camaro

And if you like your fun to involve breathing in heavy tire smoke, you certainly wouldn’t have been disappointed. The burnout contest featured some heavy hitters, all of which enveloped themselves and the crowd in so much tire smoke it’ll bring a tear to your eye. Fun times for all, indeed. And if all of this sounds like your idea of can’t miss fun, be sure and mark June 22-24 on your calendar now, because that’s when the 2019 Chevrolet Nationals does it all over again!

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