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AC1982 05-09-2014 06:57 PM

Thank you, guys. Avis blue.

Lennard 10-12-2015 04:19 PM

Hij Guys, is this thread still open? anyone knows this kind of blue,the paintcode sticker itself under bonnet is painted...

Hi guys, this thread still active? <br/>Anyone knows this blue? paintcode sticker itself under the bonnet is painted along with the chassis... <br/><br/><br/>Cheers,<br/><br/>Lennard<br/><br/><br/>

kkswow12 10-13-2015 02:09 AM

do you have any other pics of this great blue?

Originally Posted by shine (Post 481405)
Here is a 2009 997 in Iceland Blue

and what is the interior, really nice...

kkswow12 10-13-2015 04:00 AM

as long as white walls are part of the scene...

Originally Posted by 20C4S (Post 689662)
Meissen Blue. lovely in person. but wonder how it will look on the modern 911. thoughts?

a midlife aspiration...

Smurfygurl1978 07-07-2017 11:06 PM

Movie fast 5?
Is the Porsche in the film Adriatic blue? Just curious

TimCooper 01-24-2018 10:55 AM Midnight Blue, thought the 928 was a bit lacking here!

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