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sheynk 03-10-2008 07:49 PM

2008 C350, a review
Recently had a chance to test drive some cars, here is a C350 review:

Unlike the previous generation, I actually like the way this one looks from the outside...especially with the sports or AMG kits. Black on black this is a slick looking ride.

Into dealership we go. Great guys (Autohaus). Take keys. Go for drive:

Here is where it goes wrong. I sit in the seat and start adjusting it. Ok.... strange. I shuffle around a bit more and realize that I cannot find a comfortable position. The back is too stiff and my lower back feels like is floating. Im 6'1 170ish. I really don't have fit issues. I fit into A4s, 3 series, and IS cars just fine.

Anyway. Another issue. Of the "luxury compacts" the c-class has by far the worst interior. Funny enough. At the top range Mercedes has by far the best interior of any car out there. Period. Here in the proletariat class though, they didn't see the buyers fit to enjoy some nicer plastics or design touches. The 09 A4 (same as A5) interior takes the cake in this category. Then, depending on driving position preference the IS and 3 series battle it out.

That sealed the deal right there, but I was still curious.

The last C-class Ive driven was a C240 4matic. The worst car over 30k ive ever gotten into.

The c350 I was testing was over 40. It had decent pull, but I did not feel that it was "sporty". I certainly did not feel like I was "going". I enjoyed driving a GS350awd earlier in the day (mom's) significantly more. I did not really feel in touch with this car.

The experience was not pleasant. Shame. I think the S and CL are amazing amazing amazing cars especially in amg tune.

I was really looking forward to the c63.... but after some time with the c350 I am really hard pressed to figure out why you would take that car over the competition... sure it is silly fast and loud (I love the 63 engine), but it is really not that nice of a car to start with.


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