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Made in the USA: How Patriotic Consumers Can Influence Our Identity and Culture
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Companies across many industries are constantly promoting how American their constituents and their products are in hopes that it helps persuade consumers to purchase from them. But the question remains: How much do shoppers truly care about buying American goods and are they willing to spend more just because it's made in the USA?

A recent Forbes article touched upon some key issues that encourage purchases to be made based on patriotic inclinations. Consumers place great significance on the quality of American production, creating and maintaining jobs in the States, keeping US dollars circulating in the country, and decreasing dependence on foreign imports. A recent study found that 65% of shoppers prefer buying American goods and many understand how this is directly related to creating jobs and strengthening our country's financial system.

All Sasha Primak jewelry is proudly American-made in our New York City design studio using only the finest conflict-free materials. Our unbelievably low employee turnover rate demonstrates how important it is for us to keep American talent and support our community. A highly reputable level of quality and skilled craftsmanship can be seen in every item we manufacture, whether it's a basic solitaire ring or a stunning masterpiece.

For over 30 years, Sasha Primak has been contributing both to our local community as well as our country and we look forward to continuing to do so with more support from customers who understand the value of keeping jobs in America and preventing more, especially in the world of jewelry manufacturers, from slipping to foreign competition.

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