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DrivenAgain 09-03-2012 03:24 PM

***The Color, Clarity & Cut of Your Diamond Gets Worse With Age?***
The Color, Clarity & Cut of Your Diamond Gets Worse With Age?
Wait how can that be? For the majority of the public this is true, but there is an easy solution. CLEAN YOUR DIAMONDS REGULARLY!!! I cant stress how important this is to keep your bling blinging like it should. Just as you guys wash and wax your cars, your diamonds need care as well. Diamonds are literal grease magnets. So much so that grease is used in the manufacturing process. Diamond rough and other minerals are run over a table impregnated with grease, what sticks is diamond and what doesn't is non-precious stone. Its extremely important to keep your stones clean on a regular basis. With grease and dirt build-up you can lower the clarity of your stones by several grades, thats just like throwing money out the window. My suggestion for easy regular cleanings, is if you dont already have an ultrasonic tooth brush, get one. Soak your ring in a small bowl of very hot water with regular dishwashing liquid for 1/2 hr. Then get your toothbrush and put the dish liquid on the head of the brush and brush the stone from ALL angles for about 2-3 minutes, this should thoroughly break up all of the grit and grease. Then soak again in very hot water for another 10-15 minutes. Put a drain stopper in the sink (in-case u drop your jewelry) and rinse your ring with very warm water, for 1 min, then pat dry with paper towel. If you want to go the next step, get some canned air and blast the water from the underside of the stone to make sure its perfectly dry. For those who want a more technical view of how dirt affects the look of your stone, click this article by the GIA. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions!!

Conte Francesco Baracca 07-16-2013 12:34 PM

Persons having multiple pieces of jewelery with stones in their settings can also make a small investment and purchase a small made for jewelry ultrasonic unit. They should also bring their jewelry once and a while to a reputable jeweler to check for loose stones and have the prongs properly adjusted...

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