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Auto Concierge 05-09-2016 11:18 PM

Tech Art Porsche Carrera GTS Detail & Film
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Porsche Carrera GTS TECH ART

Black car issues as always, this vehicle was very bad in places as the forthcoming pics will show

After the wash/decon the factory film was removed as the whole front end, mirrors, rockers and rear bumper arch would receive new film

Attachment 131814

Attachment 131815

Deep scratches like this were on every panel

Attachment 131817

Attachment 131818

Attachment 131819

Mirror was tore up

Attachment 131820

Compounding stage

Attachment 131821

Severe defects on the rear bumper

Attachment 131822

Attachment 131823

Deep compounding required

Attachment 131825

Mirror removed so relief cut behind the mirror was not needed on the wrapping of the door

Attachment 131827

All the paint was dialed in before the wrap commenced

Attachment 131828

Evan @ Pacific Auto Films getting to it

Attachment 131896

Door wrap in progress

Attachment 131830

Freshly painted Tech Art wing removed for sand scratch removal on the underside of the wing

Attachment 131832

Ready to go back on the car for the wrap

Attachment 131833

Attachment 131834

Attachment 131835

Wheels were pulled and coated(GYEON RIM utilized), IR curing phase

Attachment 131837

991 GT3RS behind this car waiting it's turn for detail and film

Attachment 131838

Film is on, Tech Art badge affixed to the trunklid

Attachment 131840

Suntek film clarity on display

Attachment 131841

Final wipedown before heading outside for finished beauty pics

Attachment 131842

Attachment 131843

Attachment 131846

Attachment 131848

Attachment 131874

Attachment 131876

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slik560 02-13-2019 04:59 PM

A little late, but great work! Last post was 2016. Did you guys retire? :)

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