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Auto Concierge 12-10-2015 03:56 PM

Ferrari 458 Speciale' Detail & Fullbody Wrap
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New Ferrari 458 Speciale', usual sanding scratches to attend to. In addition to correcting all the paint the entire car was wrapped in Suntek clearfilm.

After washing/decon the paint was corrected and fine polished, here is the wrap job commencing with the roof panel wrapped first.

Attachment 132112

Mike and Evan doing their thing.

Attachment 132115

Even sanding scratches in the door jambs.

Attachment 132117

Compounded out.

Attachment 132119

All the door jamb paint would need attention.

Attachment 132121

Thankfully the drip rails were not riddled with sanding scratches like the last Speciale' I did, however these carbon parts needed some correction and polishing and now look beautiful.

Attachment 132123

Polishing the carbon seat shells.

Attachment 132125

Engine carbon looking good.

Attachment 132127

Protection for those carbon parts as well.

Attachment 132135

All interior carbon fiber was corrected then fine polished and lastly protection applied.

Attachment 132154

Interior pics.

Attachment 132158

Attachment 132159

Composite engine window polished to restore clarity.

Attachment 132160

Attachment 132162

Now the beautiful engine can be seen clearly.

Attachment 132164

Final wipedown before heading outside.

Attachment 132166

Sun pics.

Attachment 132168

Attachment 132170

Attachment 132172

Attachment 132175

Attachment 132178

Ready to be driven and enjoyed.

slik560 12-15-2015 10:49 AM

Outstanding as always. Glad to see some more threads from you. ;)

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