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Auto Concierge 05-26-2012 02:01 AM

Alpine White M3 Detail
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Recently completed in the shop, this 2011 M3 is well taken care of but needed correction for the finish. After a few upgrades were installed by my neighbor (Alekshop) it came to me to finish it off.

Before installing the new splitter, it needed some light correction.

Attachment 157404

New splitter going on.

Attachment 157405

Front end looking more like it should.

Attachment 157406

Carbon spoiler had sand scratches(Pigtails) so that issue needed correction.

Attachment 157407

Attachment 157408

Correcting the entire spoiler.

Attachment 157409

Marring on top side of rear bumper.

Attachment 157410

Bumper is know clear and smooth.

Attachment 157411

White finish will hide most of the marring, Black trim does not................

Attachment 157412

After initial step of compounding out the marring.

Attachment 157413

Rear bumper marring.

Attachment 157414

Now with "The Smoothness".

Attachment 157415

Corrected paint is the foundation, but it is the small details............................. keyhole with dirt.

Attachment 157416


Attachment 157417

AQuartz was requested as the car is a Daily ............

Attachment 157418

While the first coat was curing this "Bad a** Benz came in for a estimate......................hope to see this car soon SLS Roaster FTW.

Attachment 157419

Attachment 157420

Attachment 157421

All finished.

Attachment 157424

Auto Concierge 05-26-2012 02:03 AM

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As I was finished this one , I did some light clean up to Aleks 1M, he just put on the Brembo's and was heading to So.Cal for Bimmerfest.

Attachment 157400

Attachment 157401

M car tightness.

Attachment 157402

Attachment 157403

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